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About Me circle

Hello, my name is Megan. I am an artist and designer using this website to document my artist’s journey through this beautiful world. It all started seven years ago with my interior design degree at a small architecture firm in San Francisco. I worked on all types of projects and really came to understand the magic of the design-build process. Four years later, a big move to Los Angeles prompted a big change in my life and I decided to pursue my own design projects.

Living in the heart of Hollywood, I worked on large sets for artists, events, commercials, and motion pictures combining set design and my passion for fine art. I also taught art to students and continue to pursue teaching opportunities. I now live back in Northern California, but will forever hold my time in Los Angeles close to my heart. As a freelancer, I am looking for large scale projects in the built environment – through installation, fabrication, art, and murals. I also enjoy collaborations and working with others to design and build creative, artistic, and inspiring projects and spaces.

When I’m not working, I can be found in my backyard veggie garden, biking around town, or at the beach with my feet in the sand – all while daydreaming up my next creative project.