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Creative Learning Loft – teaching in the Bay Area

After the success of teaching art in Los Angeles, I am inspired to continue teaching children and adults about the wonderful world of art and design. These cute kids pictured below are part of an after school enrichment program in Redwood City, CA. I am quickly learning one of the most popular projects with people of all ages are mandalas – which I have taught through art lessons and drawing, but also through found objects on nature walks.


When we first arrived here in town, really feeling the difference between industries as a freelancer, I wanted to find a consistent, part time job for financial stability. This is one of those “ask and you shall receive” stories that makes you feel like the universe really is listening to you. The first day in our new house, we went to the cafe down the street to use the internet. After coffee, we were exploring the local businesses and I peeked into a place called The Creative Learning Loft (CLL). I met one of the owners that very day and left my information with him. I was contacted, interviewed, hired, and worked with CLL as an art instructor for school kids ages kindergarten – fourth grade.

IMG_3498IMG_3499IMG_3501 I taught art along with four other teachers who each specialized in different projects with the students. Each week we facilitated projects based on a chosen theme. My inspiration for the projects is based on my art history knowledge and art project experience. I taught basic drawing lessons and techniques, how to use different types of art mediums, important times in art history, and projects about famous artists.

It is nice to expand teaching and continuing to work with kids of all ages. Working with elementary aged kids is a lot different of course – but the result was just as fulfilling. To watch their little minds work like a gear in a clock, turning and clicking with new ideas and concepts, is such a treat. The way of the world is moving more into tech and the use of the computer. Kids are learning how to use the computer at an earlier age, and many schools have kids doing homework on Ipads. Art and art skills are still important for children’s development – but more so, they are just way more fun. When kids learn they too have the ability to draw, it is always so heartwarming to watch their confidence grow! We need more Megans to Create in the future of this world!


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