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Maria’s starlit wedding invites


While I have dreams of painting big, I also enjoy working small. After Jayme’s wedding invites last year, I wanted to do another round of invites this year. Luckily for me, friends getting married are in no shortage. Our friends Zach and Maria are getting married this Fall in Tucson, AZ. Maria has become a close friend and blooming business partner in our indigo and natural dyeing endeavors. She is a talented seamstress using her creative abilities to make her very own wedding dress! Once the hustle and bustle of her wedding calms down, I plan to loop her back into the world natural dyeing. In the meantime, I made her wedding invites!


Maria is adding beautiful gold lace trim to the bodice of her wedding dress. She is also making Zach’s vest which is navy blue. We used navy blue and gold as the inspiration for her invite. Their ceremony is in the beautiful Arizona desert where the stars will shine big and bright. I am sure the dark, starry night will put on a big show for us this Fall. I will update this post with pictures from the wedding and the Thank You I create for them. This was yet another fun project, working with both Zach and Maria on the look of the invite. We are looking forward to celebrating with them this Fall!

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