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Mural Utility Box

I answered a call for artists to submit a design to paint ugly and repeatedly tagged graffiti boxes here in our lovely town of Redwood City. My design is inspired by the plants and flowers I have photographed on bike rides and walks around town.

flowers 2

When we moved back to Northern California, we needed to pick a place to live near Mountain View, but still close enough to San Francisco. I happen to have fantastic good luck finding amazing places to live. We moved into a very sweet, cozy home in a quiet area called Redwood City, a 30 minute train ride south of SF. The changes rippling through the Bay Area are starting to trickle down through the Peninsula with new construction projects of office buildings, retail spaces, and apartments condos. With these new changes, I predict an influx of young tech employees moving here, which will be mixing it up from the families and an older, mostly retired generation of people who grew up in this area.

The tech world is truly taking over! Redwood City wants to change with the times and wake up this tiny town, turning it into a bright, creative community. There are new cafes, restaurants, and stores that have opened up downtown, all hoping to become part of the bigger, more youthful, more creative change the city envisions. Part of my agreement with the city is that I had to paint all five sides, including the top. The city then coated the box in an anti-graffiti coat to make it last (hopefully) forever. Its a bright pop of color against a rather dull building and was an interesting experience. The city plans to open the project back up to the community and is encouraging me to apply again – which could mean more boxes in the future.


3 responses to “Mural Utility Box”

  1. Kathy Wright says:

    Hi Meg,

    I just drove past your beautiful metamorphic utility box in downtown Redwood City and quickly jotted your address before the light changed. Congratulations on such a successful project.


  2. sheshu says:

    Saw thup by progress of this piece as I walked past to work every day.. beautifully done.. thank you

  3. beth mostovoy says:

    Looking good Meg! We are happy to have you here in RWC and thrilled to have your fabulous creations making us beautiful…piece by piece!

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