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Mural work


I painted my first mural in 2010 in San Francisco as graffiti abatement for a friend’s building. Her building in the Lower Haight was getting tagged almost every weekend – which meant time and money to spend painting over it. I suggested a mural, which lasted nine months before taggers got to it…a good length of time for the owners! Painting large scale is my favorite and I only hope to have many more mural projects as my portfolio continues to grow. For this mural, I was inspired by succulents – a plant that does not grow in my native state of Indiana. I made large stencils and used graffiti markers to fill in the design.
IMG_4956 IMG_4961 IMG_5151 IMG_5153
I have used stencils on other projects, including on this wall for a non-profit in San Francisco. Along with three other mural artists, I was invited to paint a wall in the communal area of this building. The non-profit provides temporary housing for homeless families, and its in the basement where people gather to play games and have parties. I used my bird book and picked out my favorite birds which I drew and cut into different stencils. That architecture background and perfecting the use of the exacto knife definitely comes in handy! I then used spray paint to paint the birds up on the wall. I have been told the kids love to count the birds, especially counting each different type!

mural_m1 birds_1 birds_2 all of the muralsOn a visit home to my parents house, I squeezed in time on a mural for them. With immense gratitude, I owe them so much. Aside from giving me life, they have helped me out so much! I like “paying them back” with art projects and handmade gifts. Their beautiful Indiana home has a walk out basement which made for the perfect wall for a mural. We are all mutually inspired by William Morris and his beautiful designs, best known for his work in arts and crafts movement. My parents live adjacent to a small creek where blue herons frequent for fish. The blue heron is a stunning, graceful bird that I love to watch as it quietly stalks its prey, or as it flies across the sky. I combined these herons in a tribute to the arts and crafts movement. On one of these trips, Ill get back there to spend some time finishing it up!



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