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Educational Design Flyers


One of my favorite projects from last year is my poster on How to Save the Bees. My beekeeping friend Patricia recommended me to another beekeeper who was looking for graphics. I worked with Monica on a small, inexpensive flyer she can print and hand out at events. She lives near Cape Cod and is an avid beekeeper who makes many of her own products from her bees honey. At her table when she is selling her goods, she now has a flyer people can take with them to get more information on what is happening with the bees.

Help the Bees
Similar also to my work on the El Monte project, I really enjoy making these types of graphics that address specific environmental issues. I feel people always respond better when they are given a choice about something – especially when learning about what can be a “hot” topic. Thoughtful art and design creates means to educate others towards sustainable living ideas.


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