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Portrait photoshoot

Welcome to my new website. At first feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of making a new site, it took me months to get here. Lots of research and way too much procrastinating, it has finally landed. The goal of this site is to showcase the wide range of work I do. I have a degree in interior design and experience in architecture – but I have always had a passion for art. Three years ago I moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles where I said goodbye to architecture and hello to What Meg Creates.

Megan_Self portrait_flower crown_11

To get myself excited for making this site, I decided it was finally time to get some nice portraits taken. I met with Tamara, of Studio Four Six Four, on a sunny Fall day at her Sunnyvale home. I brought over lots of printed fabrics, colorful tops, a fresh bouquet of flowers, paint for the shoot, and some loose ideas for what kind of photos I wanted. Ive never been photographed like this before, and at first, it was very difficult for me to stop laughing. It turned out to be a surprisingly relaxing afternoon of me playing dress up and making a floral crown while Tamara shot away. She was lovely to work with – helping me feel comfortable in front of the camera…and by the end of the shoot, we finally started getting some great shots.

Megan_Self portrait_hands_2Megan_Self portrait_hands_1Megan-38Megan-62Megan-32Okay, floral crowns are really trendy right now, and Im not trying to jump on the bandwagon, but they are gorgeous, and fun to make. They never turn out “bad” and they look great on everyone. Making them with all natural materials is the best part. I like to use flowering plants like passion flower, jasmine, and honeysuckle – which grows all over if you just know what to look for. Their long vines make the perfect base for floral crowns and their wiry tendrils are perfect for wrapping flower stems into.

Megan_Self portrait_flower crown_6 Megan_Self portrait_flower crown_9 I am so happy with how the photos turned out, it was hard to pick only a few. I feel these photos really capture the new direction I want for this new site. So welcome! Lets jump in and see where this journey takes us…

Megan_Self portrait_flower crown_2 Megan_Self portrait_flower crown_1


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  1. Tamara says:

    Love! Wishing you all the best Megan! xx

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