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Paper Goods

Maria’s starlit wedding invites

HANDMADE WITH LOVE IN REDWOOD CITY, CA While I have dreams of painting big, I also enjoy working small. After Jayme's wedding invites last year, I wanted to do another round of invites this year. Luckily for me, friends getting married are in ...

Save the bees_educational_flyer_watercolor_handmade_art_1

Educational Design Flyers

HANDMADE WITH LOVE IN REDWOOD CITY, CA One of my favorite projects from last year is my poster on How to Save the Bees. My beekeeping friend Patricia recommended me to another beekeeper who was looking for graphics. I worked with Monica on a ...

watercolor_art_design_natural pigments_logo_4

Watercolor experiments

HANDMADE WITH LOVE IN REDWOOD CITY, CA I am currently in the stage of my art journey where I dont have a particular medium that is my favorite to use. I like several and using them in different ways, which is why I refer to my projects as "design ...

how to save bees_watercolor_art_natural dyes_10

How You Can Save the Bees

HANDMADE IN REDWOOD CITY, CA Introducing Poster #2 in a series on how to live more sustainably. These posters are being created with the incentive to inspire and motivate others into action through art. There is much "buzz" about the decline of ...