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2015 Year in Review

Its never too late to reflect on the work that has brought me to where I am today. 2015 started out slow, then quickly gained speed last Spring, pushing through several exciting projects in the Summer, rounding out in the Fall, and ending in a ...


Aztec murals and public parks

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA At a small, but popular nine hole disc golf course in San Jose stand two walls that were in need of a big touch up. My uncle is a park ranger for this course and opened up the opportunity for me to improve the park through ...


Starfish Mural Utility Box

REDWOOD SHORES, CA (ORACLE CAMPUS) Back in 2012, when we were living in LA, I made an art piece inspired by the beautiful starfish of the Pacific Ocean. July 4, we drove to Point Dume, my favorite beach in Malibu. The fog was thinly scattered and ...


Maria’s starlit wedding invites

HANDMADE WITH LOVE IN REDWOOD CITY, CA While I have dreams of painting big, I also enjoy working small. After Jayme's wedding invites last year, I wanted to do another round of invites this year. Luckily for me, friends getting married are in ...