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Natural Dyeing
Indigo_turmeric_shibori_natural dyeing_3

Natural dyeing lessons and recipes to share

HANDMADE WITH LOVE IN REDWOOD CITY, CA There are literally so many different materials that inspire me for natural dyeing. In my watercolor art, I have played with beets, coffee, tea, blueberries, wilted greens, and different spices. In this ...

Indigo_shibori_natural dyeing_home goods_2

Naturally dyed items for the home

HANDMADE WITH LOVE IN REDWOOD CITY, CA I have gotten some really positive feedback from posting photos of dyed projects! I even had a few friends get in touch and order some special request items. I have no idea how to sew and completely blame my ...

Indigo_shibori_natural dyeing_10

Indigo dye experiments

HANDMADE WITH LOVE IN REDWOOD CITY, CA I always like to make gifts for friends, mostly because I have such a hard time buying things for them instead. In particular, I like making gifts for my family, especially because they live so far away (in ...