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Mural work
Educational Design Flyers
Indigo dye experiments
Creative Learning Loft – teaching in the Bay Area
Mural Utility Box
Jayme’s bohemian wedding
Portrait photoshoot

Naturally dyed items for the home

I have gotten some really positive feedback from posting photos of dyed projects! I even had a few friends get in touch and order some special request items. I have no idea how to sew and completely blame my mother who not only doesnt sew either, ...


CNC and woodshop experience

My dear friend Rob Bell, owner of Zomadic Studios in the Mission district, has a great workspace with a CNC machine and several other woodworking tools. I met him in 2010 at Burning Man, where I helped build his zomes, the project that brought us ...


Woodcraft Rangers – teaching in LA

A short job I held in Los Angeles was with an after school program called Woodcraft Rangers. I was a traveling specialist, which meant I traveled between two different schools teaching art and site specific projects. I worked with one school in ...


Murals with youth

When we first moved to LA, and I was still getting my feet wet with freelance work, I responded to an ad for a mural artist for backgrounds for a high school color guard team. We met before each seasonal performance to paint their large backgrounds. ...