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Mural_art_succulents_san francisco_8
Mural work
Save the bees_educational_flyer_watercolor_handmade_art_1
Educational Design Flyers
Indigo_shibori_natural dyeing_10
Indigo dye experiments
Creative Learning Loft – teaching in the Bay Area
Utility box_mural_flowers_4
Mural Utility Box
Jayme’s bohemian wedding
Megan_Self portrait_flower crown_11
Portrait photoshoot
Indigo_turmeric_shibori_natural dyeing_3

Natural dyeing lessons and recipes to share

There are literally so many different materials that inspire me for natural dyeing. In my watercolor art, I have played with beets, coffee, tea, blueberries, wilted greens, and different spices. In this round of dyeing, I decided to try tumeric ...

Indigo_shibori_natural dyeing_home goods_2

Naturally dyed items for the home

I have gotten some really positive feedback from posting photos of dyed projects! I even had a few friends get in touch and order some special request items. I have no idea how to sew and completely blame my mother who not only doesnt sew either, ...

Installation_design_CNC_gratitude walls_1

CNC and woodshop experience

My dear friend Rob Bell, owner of Zomadic Studios in the Mission district, has a great workspace with a CNC machine and several other woodworking tools. I met him in 2010 at Burning Man, where I helped build his zomes, the project that brought us ...


Woodcraft Rangers – teaching in LA

A short job I held in Los Angeles was with an after school program called Woodcraft Rangers. I was a traveling specialist, which meant I traveled between two different schools teaching art and site specific projects. I worked with one school in ...